believers wonder people say, referring to the Bible: "Depression is a sin."Disheartened - the evil that can reach the human consciousness, subjugate it, to grow in the soul, to destroy lives and alienate your best friends, leaving you with the loneliness and failure.What if the spleen is increasingly asserting itself?The answer is: you need to change yourself, your life, or at least change the angle of view, looking at our failures, problems and imperfections of life.
Train yourself to wake up comfortably.Turn on soft music, ventilate the room, do a couple of exercise.By the way, the music can be turned on instead of an alarm clock by programming the player to your computer, for example, or a DVD.In no case do not remember after waking problems - and their, and others'.Try to greet the new day with joy: feed the birds, smile at your home, kiss your lover, treat yourself to something tasty.
morning, do not let the members of the household "zadergivat" you small requests.Do not be afraid to show a little selfishness.In the end, laces can tie your child without your help, and your own whims home able to satisfy yourself.Do not bring your morning and time to sacrifice to those who see you as "magic wand" or "goldfish on the premises."
Free yourself from internal complaints to others.Stop thinking about someone else's ingratitude - better to reduce the time taken to solve other people's problems.Do not complain to anyone, does not lay resentment toward others, even best friends, so even more negative feelings take root in your mind.All the better to quickly forget the bad!It is best manifested in the attitude of those who make your life uncomfortable, healthy anger.Just so you discourage hunting "enter paradise on your backs," and free themselves from the feeling of deaf anger and resentment.
Do not feed your grief!Try to protect yourself from unnecessary negative impressions you.Try a smaller load your mind depressing information.Do not see the disturbing news on TV, do not hear the people who like to complain and tell the history of heavy, eliminate sad movies, horror movies.It is better to see a good comedy or a "family film."
move more, train yourself to an evening stroll, spend less time at the computer - physical inactivity exacerbates the spleen.If you spend a lot of time to chat on the Internet, analyze your "friend-list", get rid of those who spoil your mood.The same should be done in a real social circle.Clean your personal space of those people whom you are suffering from politeness.One reason for the blues - feeling foolishly wasted time.
not procrastinate important things, calls and meetings, even if it is a burden, a call or a meeting - unpleasant.It is better to get rid of the unpleasant things at once, to immediately forget about it, you think about what you have to do something that is called.It does not belong to the soul.Fold moral burden, not to drag it out for yourself!The same goes for the pleasant things.Do not procrastinate a pleasant conversation with someone who you care about, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy.To prioritize.
Surround yourself with comfort.Make permutation move house in order and make sure that you were comfortable.Try to enjoy food.Do not be lazy to lay the table nicely.Get enough sleep.Healthy sleep - a guarantee of good mood.Go to sleep in a nice nightgown or pajamas.Make sure that the bed was fresh and comfortable, the room ventilated.Comfort - an additional reason to experience the fun of life, do not neglect it even in small things.
Do not bring themselves to exhaustion diligence.The extremes are always bad for the mood and feeling.Do not torture yourself workouts, do not turn the care of healthy eating obsession, do not allow to turn the care of cleanliness in the house in the manic pursuit of sterility.In general, the increased sense of responsibility often hurts.There is the fear of making a mistake, there is nervousness.
Refrain from judging people who do not share everything in black and white.Giving sharp evaluation of other, so you and to themselves subconsciously are bringing too excessive demands.And because life is full of surprises, and ambiguous situations, it is not easy to be perfect.So, will you do samoedstvom because of any, from your point of view, the "bad" behavior.It also leads to depression.Try to be forgiving to the people and to himself, remembering the proverb, "A horse has four legs, and he - he stumbles."
Try an hour or two before bedtime let go of daily experiences and problems if they cause annoyance experience.Do not grind the events of the past day.better to see a good movie, enjoy a favorite hobby, chat with friends on the phone.Try not to abuse addictions.Alcohol can afford "to celebrate", but the problem of stress or "drink" does not imply the blues will only intensify.
If the blues continues to lean heavily on you, stop, step back from the hustle and bustle, consider what the cause of the oppressed mood.Maybe you should reconsider your relationship with your loved one?And can you give yourself enough time?Psychological problems can help you solve your intelligence, but if you do not feel the strength - consult a professional psychologist, and will help you find the causes of mood rapidly dying constantly.
And finally - the most important thing.Tune yourself to the positive.Think about the people well.Rejoice, feel free to take pleasure in life - whether it is a good book, Better Sex, socializing with friends, a delicious dinner or just a pleasant walk in a beautiful park.Keep a positive attitude, do not let anyone spoil your mood or deny balance.And if it happened - no stranger to raising the value of other people's problems or estimates about you.Appreciate the small joys, the happy moments, to attach importance to the fact that carries a positive charge, and do not attach too much importance to small trouble.In the end, it's just - life.