Sometimes people who want to "change my horoscope," tend to shift the responsibility for the course of life events on the circumstances, in particular, the combination of the planets at the moment of birth.Some believe that if you change the data, and the other will be a life - a happy and prosperous.However, you can not change the horoscope as the correct date, time and place of birth, as it has already happened fact.
necessary to indicate what is meant by the word "horoscope".Some, referring to a concept that is meant zodiac sign (Aries, Pisces, Taurus, etc.), others - membership of east horoscope, which is determined by the year of birth (eg, snake, rabbit or wild boar).There are those who thus speaks of the aggregate position of all the planets at the moment of birth, that is, the natal chart, which is compiled by astrologers taking into account the place, date and time of birth.All of these definitions have the right to life, but more complete characteristic is the natal chart.
Before we talk about changing the horoscope, it is important to note that the position of the sun is not always determinative.For example, a person born under the sign of Sagittarius, that is, his sun was in this constellation at birth.However, on any character traits he could not associate himself with the representatives of this sign.After drawing up a complete natal chart in such cases, you may find that several influential planets, such as Mars, Jupiter and the moon at the time of birth is in the sign of Cancer, and by some calculations, you can determine the so-called "leading" a celestial body in one way or anotherhoroscope, sign, and which will be a priority for the person.Thus, before experiencing dissatisfaction with their own zodiacal data, it is important to study in detail their natal chart.
According to many astrologers, even the most favorable combination of the planets in a horoscope can not be considered as a sentence or a diagnosis.After natal chart does not determine the way of life of man, but only serves as a hint - the direction in which, for example, is moving to become more successful, or what dangers can trap or that person.Forewarned is forearmed - this rule is the best suited for the interpretation of the horoscope.In particular, people who at the time of the birth of Mars is in Aries, for life can often face a head injury.Parents, knowing it might just teach a child to be more careful, and as an adult person has to be able to take care of himself, avoiding potentially dangerous activities or podstrahovyvayas.
Even if you change the passport data, having procedures and specify a different location and date of birth, the actual information remains unchanged.As not change positions of the planets in a particular sign that affect gut, destiny and way of life of man.Change horoscope impossible.However, you can analyze all combinations of celestial bodies and change their effects, such as changing the place of residence.And then the position of the moon (particularly strong impact on women) or Mars will change in relation to the various indicators natal planets that may well be interpreted as "a change of the horoscope."