Complete dissolution of a man peculiar to women who love themselves a little.From this lack of love, they do not deal with them, their appearance, their development and have their own lives and interests.They quickly become boring to your partner, because love - is, including the confidence and desire to share with a loved one, to discuss and receive advice, a full-fledged information and emotional exchange that you just, and you can not offer your loved one.
Love yourself for who you are.Suppose, you have weaknesses, but their awareness gives you the opportunity to work on a self-improvement and for the purpose of correction.In this approach, these disadvantages have become worth.Less engaged in self-criticism.Work on yourself and congratulate yourself for every small and insignificant, and seemingly the victory.
often dislike to him associated with their appearance.But this is ridiculous at the opportunities that are available today.Any figure flaws you can fix or correct selection of clothing, or in the gym.If you do not like your face - that offers tips makeup artists.And in fact, see how much is not very beautiful women do not seem to be such, because of its charm and confidence.
not engage in soul-searching and samoedstvom not invent problems for yourself where there are none.Do not start to worry and upset in advance in anticipation of future troubles.Think about how to avoid or overcome them, setting yourself up for the best, be optimistic.
Do not focus on the search for the men , be engaged in a, find yourself an interesting business or occupation.You must be wondering with yourself, then you will become interesting for the opposite sex.Those requirements, which you predyavlyat to itself, and will help you to carefully choose the men and not to trust the first comer.In this case, you will have a much better chance to find a good kind man who can appreciate and gratefully accept your love.