to change the world, you need to start with yourself.Man is like a lamp in which the light is lit if the lamp is dirty, the light passing through it also seems dirty.He casts a shadow on everything.And if you start to scour the surroundings, it is of little help, it is necessary to wash the lamp.It is necessary to forgive all wrongs, learn to give thanks for the life opportunities, as well as to begin to accept themselves and others.It's a tough job, but the most effective.The new state that you will gain will help you to do very different things, and this will be the beginning of a new world.
Change attitude towards others, and the world will be different.Stop being angry and condemn, to compare themselves and others.These emotions are negative and do not allow you to see the brilliance of it all.Let go of all sore, let it be in the universe, but do not carry it with you, do not remember it, then it is in your life it will be less.A man filled with joy and harmony, his presence changes everything.
Get your act.You can read a lot of changes, but did not begin to occur, one must make an effort, you need something to do.Only the personal experience of changing the world, not thinking about it.You can plant a tree, to bring order in the entryway.Your world - this housing, and family friends.Pay attention to these parties, and life will be different.Only the movement can move something, inaction is not effective.
Ask yourself what you can do to make life better.No need to make plans for universal scale, start with small things.Help a neighbor to bring a heavy bag, give old things a shelter for the homeless, give old books to the library, call my mother.Make it a rule to do one good deed every day.It can be anything, it is important only to make it.
world is very much changing attitude towards people.Be friendly, smile and accept others.No need to swear, to express claims to demand something from those who are near.Change your attitude, be calm and sure, share the warmth and kindness and not negative.And a good mood will be more, and therefore the world will be painted in very different colors.
not throw started.Often the person begins to change the world, but faced with the lack of understanding of others.This is a common reaction.If you stop, everything stops, but if you have the strength to continue, all change is for real.Just keep consistently to do good deeds, to do good deeds.And you'll see how to change your life around.