Do not try to solve the problems with the help of bans and moralistic."Even if the child comes home after midnight, and at the same time it reeks of alcohol or tobacco?"- Ask the parents.Yes, because any ban will only increase the resentment and internal protest child.Remember, he was a person.Any conversation at this time is necessary to conduct an equal.
Pay attention to how your words sound.If you refer to him as inexperienced child, you are not up to it dostuchishsya.Control your emotions.If you get nervous, the conversation is better to postpone.
During this period, young people are very worried about their appearance.Try to explain to him that appearance - it is not important.But at the same time teach your child to look after themselves, always be neat.Help him in the selection of clothing and accessories.You should not criticize the child if your tastes are not the same.
Adolescence is accompanied by the first love experiences.And it is not the best effect on their studies.Do not force your child to sit day and night for the books.It does not help.It is better to try to explain to him that it is knowledge, intelligence, erudition make it more attractive.
very seriously to the problems of a teenager.Do not dismiss it.Answer all his questions, do not allow a situation where the child is at all stops to chat with you, in this case with all his problems, he goes out into the street.
When selecting some lessons, clubs, interested in the views of the child, and not independently decide its leisure.Find out what's really interesting to your daze.It is important that the teenager he made a decision, and not simply obeyed the request of an adult.
parents is very important in all prohibitions and concessions do not go to extremes.Pressure on the baby should not be, but also to go at it on occasion, too, is impossible.Talking on equal terms, do not let him insult you and other adults to be rude.The teenager must comply with a certain distance, his prescribed age th.