Tip 1: How to stop shy

Surely many had ever feel shy.Someone felt similar emotions in unusual situation for themselves.Others are they worried constantly.As a rule, these people would like to know how to stop once and for all be ashamed.

root of evil

Shyness - it's just a habit or fear, have become part of your lifestyle.In order to overcome it, to begin to determine how you are shy.Analyze whether you pursue shyness since birth, or you begin to notice for a something like that quite recently?What situations make you feel embarrassed?Still, shyness does not occur in a vacuum, and to be self-conscious whenever and wherever it is simply impossible.

According to psychologists, shyness - not a cause but a consequence of deeper fears.For example, a shy guy come to the girl for fear of being rejected.Or a person is afraid to speak in public for fear of his ridicule.In other words, when you worked for these fears, timidity will disappear by itself.

way to get rid of shyness

There are several methods, helps get rid of shyness:

become bolder.Of course, for some to become more determined - is also a huge problem and a way to overcome it is only one - to act without delay.Make a list of your fears and try every day to look them in the face, of course, within reasonable limits so as not to harm your health.

strength of self-hypnosis.If you have a very strong unexamined fears, cope with whom you can not, come to the aid of self-hypnosis.Just repeat many times a day, a phrase like: "Every day I'm getting bolder with each passing hour I become bolder." At first, it will look strange, but after a couple of weeks, you will feel the first results.It is important to believe in the meaning of spoken phrases.In addition, you should not throw this practice at the beginning, because it will not take you much time and effort.

Focus on the goal.Sometimes before an important meeting or conversation you fall into panic.If you feel shy, try to focus on the goal.Throw out all the excess out of your head and tune only the result.

Work on speech.Try not to overload your speech with unnecessary turnovers and phrases.Learn to speak clearly and confidently.If you say something like "I'm sorry, of course, if it's not too much trouble, would you be so kind as to answer me ..." This is likely to cause confusion of the interlocutor, and you will put a very shy and timid person.You seem to represent themselves: "I am useless, unworthy of your attention and deserve nothing in this life."

visit to a psychologist.If you feel that they themselves can not control the situation, consult a specialist.

Tip 2: How to stop shy in bed

Excessive stiffness in sex more often inherent in young women.And the tendency to timidity little affected by external data girls, because even the most beautiful person able to find the flaws.Shyness and brings inconvenience to the woman and her partner, asIt prevents him from "love her eyes."How to stop shy in bed ?
How to stop shy in bed
Love your body.Sleep naked, treat it in the mirror, you're looking for a winning pose.Find at any deficiencies can.You are looking for respect.Buy erotic lingerie, take care of the body - hair removal, massage, manicures and pedicures should not be made from time to time, but always.Trial for adjusting lighting, which will make you even more tempting.The best thing in this plan work lamp or candle.
Learn your body.You definitely need to understand exactly what you will enjoy.To do this you will need to experiment alone in the bath or bed .Try to go to a sex shop and buy any toy.Having your body, you're more likely to have fun and forget about shyness.
Learn to relax.In this meditation you can help, aromatic bath, a glass of wine (just one!).Before Intimacy does not allow himself to think about abstract topics, tune in on the fun.Try wives by eastern monarchs.Knowing that night in the quarters to come the husband, the woman all day preparing for the visit: caring for him, in his body rubs aromatic oils, mentally adjusted for sex.As a result, in the evening, and the woman is fully ready to receive and give pleasure.
Listen to the advice of beauticians, to always look attractive and feel free to bed .First, let your skin always tanned - in this case, the body always looks slimmer and more attractive.Apply self-tanning, and the next day, add another layer where you want to reduce the amount of, for example, on the sides.Second, use a cream with a radiant effect - they make the skin smoother, fresher and more attractive.Third, use perfume.Men excite smell with hints of strawberry, chocolate or cinnamon.Do not dushites too much - in bed it would be annoying.
And finally remember, sexiest woman of all time is rarely distinguished beauty, they conquered men looseness, intelligence, charm, and never hesitated to show themselves.