To achieve success in life, you must learn how to communicate with people.But what do you say to yourself, it is equally important and can help you achieve your goals, make your life better.Sometimes, changing a single word in his statement, you can make it more efficient!Sometimes, on the contrary, referring to himself, it is necessary to smooth out some of the highlights.So, it is time to change your life for the better!

phrase №1: "I am strong) th) assured (th), a woman (man)"

Answer, honestly, whether you are sincere with yourself, when you say this phrase?The fact that Canadian scientists have found that if a person says this phrase, but a confident one hundred percent, that they feel tremendous inner discomfort!In this case, just be a little change expression, recognizing his shyness and insecurity, for example, "even if today I was a little timid, but next time I'll smile charmingly cute guy at the next table, and at the first opportunity plead with him to talk!"

phrase №2: "I would like to, but ..."

According to scientists, psychologists, "but" always enters into the framework of the subconscious, of which very hard to get out.If you want to work with maximum efficiency, replace "but" with "and" for example: "I want to lose weight but hate diet" sounds very gloomy and bezyzskhodno, at the time, as "I want to lose weight and I hate diet" zastvlyaet right mindbegin to sort out options for obtaining the desired shape without hitting the hearty diet.

phrase №3: "No fate!"

If you constantly repeat to yourself this sentence, life really cease to shine bright colors.This statement makes you look back, but do not do it.Look only to the future, let go of the past and say to yourself, "how much more wonderful experiences in store for my life! Thank her for that!"

phrase №4: "Do not forget ..."

Try to exclude "not" from your speech.Remember that the subconscious mind "is not" and "no" does not perceive, which means that most forgetful person forgets what you asked him not to forget!Replace "do not forget" to "remember."

phrase №5: "How many calories are here!"

Very often you can hear from losing weight.I wonder if they know that this phrase unconsciously keeps them in suspense?And this stress very strongly hinders the process of weight loss.This, of course, does not mean that when you are alone, you can safely exterminate all stocks of cookies in the cupboard.Intelligent control - this is your way!And always ponite that in addition to calories, great importance is the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.Only when sblansirovannom diet can lose weight quickly and without disruption.

phrase №6: "I owe / should"

only with your lips escaped this statement - and the body has podsosnatelno set to protest!No matter what you think - about work or about the diet - just replace "I owe!"to "I want to!"and be sure to add something positive.Example: "I want to stay at work tonight and finish the report that do not take him home. This will allow me to spend the weekend at the wonderful nature in the company of friends!"

phrase №7: "What if ..."

the development, such as business plans, in this sentence there is nothing wrong: on the contrary, you strive to take into account all the nuances of that honor you and praise.But if this phrase haunts you constantly, if you keep thinking about "that will not work", it is time to stop!Understand that you are catching up on a wave of fear, panic, and the larger and stronger will this wave, so it will bring great destruction.Learn to immediately stop such thoughts.If you feel a true sign of panic, call for help your body: breathe deeply a few minutes, get out into the fresh air, wash ... The only way you can learn to keep everything that happens under the full control!