develop true confidence currently a variety of ways:
Think about what you lack in order to feel confident in their abilities, and try to fill this gap:
-you do not have enough knowledge - learn the material, to deepen their knowledge in a particular area;
- important for you to someone else's opinion to improve self-esteem - ask your friends, relatives or colleagues to evaluate you.Ask for help from one whose estimate you believe will be the most objective;
- if you can not understand something, it is necessary to seek help from a more experienced.Perhaps the solution lies on the surface and needs a fresh look at the situation.
uncertainty - this is often only a psychological factor, unrelated to your professionalism or abilities.In this case, you can resort to various video and Audiocourses, tutorials, and books.
You can also try to develop confidence in themselves by following certain tips:
- categorically not evaluate their actions and feelings, do not call yourself in this connection failure;
- learn to praise himself for any, even the smallest, to achieve and to remember them;
- try to behave like those whom you feel confident;
- learn how to perform everything on time, it gives confidence in itself ;
- in a situation where you feel insecure, mentally picture yourself in a comfortable environment for you to remember the external manifestations of the condition and try to move them to the situation in which you are in at the moment.This will help ensure that calm exterior impact on the internal state;
- can increase the level of self-esteem and also foreign confidence manifested in how you look and what kind of physical shape you have.So go in for sports to keep in shape, learn how to dress and use of cosmetic products (if you're a woman) to emphasize the strengths and hide weaknesses.
How to develop a genuine confidence
To develop true confidence in myself , you have to be strong will and hard work on yourself, regardless of which method you choose for it.Along with confidence comes to you good luck, success, respect and recognition - all that which is unthinkable without a full life.