you need
  • Books, music, movies, computer, internet, a good website.
Think about your dreams and desires.It has long wanted to learn a foreign language, pay attention to TV programs or tutorials that will help them to learn.It is not necessary to teach him the whole day or for a few hours, here is important to regularly, so stop and 20 minutes per day for language learning.And every day is engaged in its study.The same applies to other useful skills that will not only help interested to spend time, but will be essential for career growth, finding a paid job and raising the general cultural level.
Become the best at what you are doing.There is always something to strive for, even if you know your job inside and out.Look how it can be simplified to a new level.Collect information that relates to your work and is good.Even if you - a mechanic, be the best technician, there is a desire, consider what else is created to provide quality products.Therefore, when bored, learn to be one of the best.This is guaranteed to get rid of boredom, self-esteem and bring the material benefit if you learn to use the acquired knowledge and experience.
Pick up a book that has not had time to get acquainted.Yes, and some works are worth reading again.Now, after years, you will perceive differently this information, look at yourself and the world around us.Do not like the book, find an interesting site, where there are articles and advice on various topics.In them you will gather a lot of useful.
Select an interesting radio or tele - transmission, some of which may provide answers to your burning questions, suggest a way out of a difficult situation, to provide the missing information in an important case.Learn how to benefit from what he saw, heard and read.
Watch the film, which has long wanted to see.Now is the time to do it.Do not waste precious time, suffering, that there is nothing to do.Rest is also necessary to be able.From recreation depends on performance and well-being of any person.If there is a desire to do something right now, take and make.
If someone from friends or relatives you have not communicated, call them.Visit my parents, if you live alone or spend time with them.No matter how old you are, any parents nice when the kids are attracted to him and close relations.
music like nothing else lift your spirits.Do not like to do exercises, the music to perform any physical exercise will not only easy but also enjoyable.And if you want, dance, sing and enjoy it, cleaning or doing other household chores.Preparation of delicious able to give a lot of pleasant moments.Delicious food will delight anyone when cooked with love.Why not use your spare time to please yourself and loved ones.