Any discussion can be both positive and negative.People often talk about the success of their friends, but even more often speak evil about them or share with rumors.Of course, any people's opinions, especially expressed behind, can be frustrating.After all, it is usually very far from the truth, which is in fact from opinion and the person being discussed.However, any behavior have their reasons and they have to figure out if you want to stop the discussion of your personality.
When you uncomfortable talking about you and such discussions, the surest way - it is right to say about this man, to find out the cause of such conversations.Maybe other people are somehow dissatisfied with your behavior or attitude.Maybe you get them something hurt, and tell you that they do not dare.That's the way to find a kind of revenge.The reasons for this may be many, the main thing here - to find them and talk to people openly.Behave calmly, kindly, do not try to put yourself in the best light.You need to hear the opinion of the person and find a calm response, which would lead to the solution of problems.
And then it is already possible to act according to circumstances.You will probably be surprised by the reason of discontent, but also apologize to the offended and explain their behavior.In most cases, this should lead to reconciliation, especially if you truly want it.Perhaps you even have to explain his reasons to a group of people, but you need to find the strength to do that is to build relationships.
But even if reconciliation has not occurred, or simply a pleasure to discuss a person behind you, talk shit, if it hurt you not pass - you will know that for our part have done everything possible.Suppose that a person's behavior will have on his conscience, you do not have to suffer at a loss, you can simply stop communicating with this subject.This is a good way in the case when discussing your personality carried you out of spite.Do not pay attention to them, no such people nor their evil thoughts are not worth your dignity and serenity.
But what can not be done in such a situation - so it is to adopt a model of behavior of people and start discussing them.In such actions no meaning, no dignity, and you will quickly turn into those whose behavior so recently condemned.Ultimately, it does not waste power and nerves for those who use such low methods and the more like them?
however, can not only discuss your negative aspects and failures, but also successes.And although some people uncomfortable, even a manifestation of attention, do not blame those who praise you.Thank them and try to convince not so active.And rejoice for himself and even start a little bit proud.