improvised means

To escape from the routine, it is possible to do "means at hand."Try to spend more time with your favorite hobbies, sign up for classes at the fitness club, begin to go on language courses, club diving and so on.Try to try something new.It is best to give preference to group lessons.The new atmosphere and circle of contacts can help shake things up and get rid of the blues.

In addition, you can change a few home environment.Paint the walls a different color, add interior bright accessories, replace the old gray blanket on a new bright colors.

helps some women change clothes, image, style of clothing.Just try to add to his life small change.Do not let the gloomy mood to break you.

great helper in the return of interest in life will be for you music therapy.Create a new playlist.Turn it only catchy, dynamic melodies heard that immediately want to dance.Avoid melancholic and sad track.

is important to try to get some daily dose of positive emotions.Devote at least 15-20 minutes a day reading jokes, laugh heartily.This will not only create a positive charge, but also save you from the apathy and will look at the world through different eyes.

On the advice of psychologists

Often, many lose interest in life due to the loss of confidence and low self-esteem.The reasons there may be a great many - financial problems, constant state of loneliness, neladyaschiesya relationship with the children, the husband, the workers in the team and so on.The list of reasons to be able to continue indefinitely.

If you feel that you just "got to handle", psychologists recommend to sit down and think about exactly what you are missing for happiness and how to achieve it.In the first place you need to put something that can be changed in the most shortest terms.And already then more difficult to implemented plans.If

yourself get to the root problem is not possible, and you start to fall into a depression, it is best to seek professional help.

is important to track the results and bring them all in a special notebook.Every night before going to bed, look back and remember all the good things that happened to you that day, and what you have achieved.Certainly, there are many things for which you can praise yourself.If you make any mistake, think about what you taught this situation.Take a lesson with a smile and move on.