Yes, luck is not all.On each ship, crossed the stormy Atlantic, accounted for at least one, disappeared without a trace in the abyss.For every lucky prospector - a dozen wretches left penniless.Or even paid with his life.That is the law of nature: one rises up, someone falls down.But without these daredevils hunters "blue bird", life would stop altogether and withered.Suppose this is not the old days.Let the era of the great discoveries of the past forever.Is little chance of catching "bird of luck" for tail ?
Modest teacher JK Rowling has become known throughout the world.And earned more than a billion.And his mind, with his own hands.There are different ways to talk about the literary merits of Harry Potter books.But the fact that the earnings - honest, no one dares to deny.Even the most ardent envious lover count money in someone else's pocket.But she could not do this.Going to school, students pore over notebooks.And the habit of grumbling about the high cost, the fact that life is not the same, the youth completely dissolve the money never have enough.And, of course, covered inept government!Joan decided not to shift to the other solving their own problems.Itself caught tail bird luck turned lush peacock!Here the conclusion is: use their abilities to the maximum, and the luck will come to you sooner or later.
may say, well, not all the Lord has given the gift of a writer!And what about those who do not come up with two lines in the state?Recall, for example, Bill Gates.Or about the other person, which is "self-made man."The main thing - to understand that all depends primarily on you.And that, according to the wise saying goes, "a lying stone gathers no moss."Do not grumble, do not be lazy and try to at least do something!