Stop live and remember the past.That was then passed.Take a lesson, draw conclusions and continue to live on.Otherwise, you and will stagnate, constantly worrying that you can not fix.Sometimes it is enough to accept to get rid of the oppressive past experience interfering now breathe freely.
make the wrong choice, learn to forgive yourself.Everyone has the right to make a mistake if it did not lead to irreparable consequences.So try to make amends and take for granted that all people are imperfect.You live here and now and not have to because the last to give up the present.After all, it once will last, and will remember absolutely nothing.
Remember the dreams that you have not been able to implement.Make a list of those that are still relevant for you.Proceeds to their execution.No matter how much you have free time or money.It is important that you do every day on the small step to implement them.They wanted to learn a foreign language, why not do it now.And it is not necessary to spend all this free time.There are many techniques, how fast to learn a foreign language.Highlight the entire 20 minutes.a day out to fulfill the desire, and after a while you are surprised to notice how much headway.
Remember justice.Always try to make informed decisions.This will help the study of diverse information received from several sources.During the conflict does not become anyone's side, until you know what happened, just a few people, and from each of the parties.This will help to react calmly and make objective conclusions that are not just allow you to remain at the height of the most difficult situations.
to life around you change, you must change yourself.But it can be done only if you start doing something else.Discard the old habits, on what is causing your depression.Start doing what gives you the power to create and experience the incomparable joy.Stop hiding behind everyday problems, and otherwise life will pass.