Do not engage in self-deception, staying in empty ephemeral dreams.Set realistic goals.For example, if you want to learn how to fly without wings and other devices, it is unlikely this will come something sensible.But if your dream - to become an Olympic champion, to find a cure for a terrible disease of the human or write fiction bestseller, it is quite another matter.
The surest way to bring a dream come true - to work hard in this direction.Whatever the global nor was your cherished goal, it must generate the will to live and engage in at least some activity.Even if the implementation of your dreams does not depend directly on you, sitting still and doing nothing, you and Canete ignominiously into oblivion.This dream and the desire to fight for it are inseparable.
formulate and visualize their aspirations.Try to feel that the fulfillment of your dreams - this is an inevitable and unavoidable fact, which will happen in your life.With stoic calm and restraint accept the idea that your wish will come true.Otherwise, your doubts and fears will drive you around and zoom out on the ultimate goal.Only staunch the flow of intention to lead you in the right direction.
Do not forget about the details and subtleties, as well as about the consequences of your desire realized.Daily painting a dream in the imagination of the details, you will strengthen it and make it stronger.On the other hand, do not drive themselves into the framework of time and for all the beaten path, vary little things, show the flexibility of thinking.
For example, you want to hold the hand of a loved one.Imagine that this is happening in reality, I feel the warmth of his hands."Touch" to your dream so that she herself wanted to become a reality.But not "keep" her by force, give it a free choice - to stay or to take a chimera earthly guise.