positive thoughts is directly related to how it will happen an event in your life .If you are so afraid of that scene repeatedly scroll your future failures, do not be surprised if all it will be so.But imagining in his head various positive outcomes, you increase the chance that one of them with you exactly what happened.
Always define only one main target.The rest should be of secondary importance, and the most "cherished" you will invest a major amount of their forces.Chasing ten hares, you will not catch either one, and this is for anybody not a secret.
Formulate your main objective briefly, clearly, but it is the most complete.For example, "I want to pass a graduation project by 5", "I want to meet that unique" or "I want to get a high-paying job that will bring me pleasure."Always keep this goal in mind, and do not change until you get a result that suits you.
Try to go with the flow, not against it.This does not mean you have to sit and wait, when suddenly a wish come true.But if all things are against you, do not beat my forehead, wasting valuable energy.You can find a way to pass a more leisurely and meandering path, like salmon that swims upstream.
Intuition - this is the property that you want to develop themselves and to establish a strong bond with him.This intuition can help us find answers to those questions in which the logic is powerless.If you have a strong feeling that you need something to do so and so, but it does not fit the pre-prepared plan, change it safely and follow the intuition.
to our goals fulfilled and events developed exactly the way we want, you need the very idea of ​​a strong desire to recharge energy.Simply put, it is necessary to wish something very passionately.But rarely can a tremor throughout the body to want to improve the service.Therefore, there is a way to charge our goals other sposobom.Vspominayte their desire at the highest emotional recovery.It can be an event, it is not related to the purpose of, for example, exam or making love.But remembering about your objective, you fill it with the necessary level of energy, which will certainly affect the speed of its achievement.
Do something.Do not sit around, go to the goal, even if you have limited funds.God only helps those who help themselves, so even if you make a couple of steps, the event will develop a much better way than if you just lay on the couch and scroll through a dream in my head.Connect all your strength, and then events your life will be formed in this way, what you do want.