Smile and think about some interesting moments await you today.Every day is unique and amazing.Keep this in mind in the morning.To wake up every morning with the anticipation of something new, a pleasant pre-plan what you can pamper yourself.
do morning exercises.This can be a simple set of exercises, some positions of yoga or stretching.The main thing - practice every day and not less than eight minutes.That's how much you need your body to wake up and start the metabolism.
breakfast.Do not neglect your morning meal.Useful, balanced diet in the morning - the key to your well-being.The most useful option of the morning menu - oatmeal.Eat it with berries or fruit to get the most vitamins and energy.
Take a shower.Water treatments in the morning invigorate and give strength for further achievements.After a visit to the bathroom you will be fresh and active.
Listen to music.Catchy songs will help you create the perfect mood.You can sing along or dance to your favorite songs.
Stroll.A few minutes walk in the fresh air - a good kardiotrenerovka.During the walk note, what is the weather that occurs in nature.
Meditate.Try to be alone for a few minutes and dive into the self-contemplation.Peace and quiet will help you achieve harmony between body and soul, be quiet and attentive.
Read a few pages of a good book.Reading will help awaken your mind and bring it to working condition.In the morning useful to learn foreign words.This is a great charger for storage.
Make love with your partner or partner.Morning sex can help you avoid stress, fatigue, a beneficial effect not only on your mood and health, but also on health in general.
Direct your thoughts in a positive direction.From that, you will think of a good or focus on some negative aspects, it depends largely on how well your day will take place.
do a good deed.Help someone just like that, without expecting gratitude.Remember, good always comes back.
Place your order.Gently spread out things in the cupboards and drawers, the order on the desktop, systematic recording, all of which help you collect.