Under the philosophy should be understood not a system of knowledge and attitude to the world.The purpose of philosophy is clarity of mind, not an idea about the world.We can say that the purpose of philosophy is philosophy itself.Reflection and meditation - is the release itself from the usual framework and ideas about yourself as you want to find the hidden opportunities.
Any philosopher aware of their lack of knowledge and limited resources, but, nevertheless, is committed to the proposed conditions of thinking.In fact, a philosophical attitude to life confined to the following items: "Since I came into this world, I have to understand it and live."Vanity, envy, greed and other negative emotions distort the ideal picture of reality, which oversees the philosopher.That is, getting rid of these defects and is one of the aims of the philosophical attitude to life.
teach a philosophical approach to life almost impossible.Either you have the background to this or not.Philosophers believe that an overabundance of emotions, desires, and even action has an impact on the perceived picture of the world, so they tend to perceive it through the prism of consciousness, not feelings.But while the emotions they are completely discarded just push them a little bit to the side.To learn this, try to evaluate each event from the standpoint of reason, see inherent in it the possibility, watch how it affects your life.
philosophical attitude to life by may seem too apathetic, completely uninvolved, but it is not.Philosopher always observe the world with curiosity, but not always allow themselves to act.It is important to learn to perceive what is happening as a given, as an object of observation and study, avoiding excessive emotional reactions and assessments that would not lead to anything good.To do this, you can try to take his life as a movie in which you are both an actor and a director.This will remove the redundancy of emotional reactions, to set priorities in their lives.
All events in the life of a philosopher can be divided into two groups.At first it may affect, on the second - no.If the event is not possible to influence, the philosopher will not do, he decided to remain an observer.It takes away the life of his vanity and meaningless action, making it more measured and calm.