order to successfully survive the difficulties , first of all, you need to analyze the situation and find the cause.In most cases, this will cause yourself.Specifically - it is your forgetfulness, laziness, hope, and so that will come, and similar causes.Just do not look for a reason to blame then for months and blame themselves for mistakes.These searches need only to use the experience and avoid embarrassing blunders in the future.
Remember one simple and has long been well-known things - "everything that does not kill us - makes us stronger."This phrase, though banal, but very true.Successfully overcome the difficulties added experience and confidence.Problems make people make decisions faster and produce some action to remove them as soon as possible.So think of the difficulties as another way to supplement their knowledge and experience gained.
Another useful life experience, acquired during critical situations, is the ability to recognize friends.When you have everything in order, revolves around you a lot of individuals who are considered to be your friends.But they all disappear somewhere, you need only get to the "black band".
Another way to survive the difficulties - in any situation is to find bright moments.For example, problems in business - well, then you have the trick.You can be proud of, as most people are working for the benefit of someone else's uncle.Remember the famous song from the film "Irony of Fate" and proceed as it sounded wise thoughts.
Treat difficulties as a kind of jarring to the brain that make a look at the situation differently, with a new perspective and help you move on.Only you can decide how to deal with a problem: how to justify their own inaction or as a stimulus that makes strive for new heights.