Try to understand the cause of your shyness?It may lie in the dissatisfaction with their appearance.Or you think you are not too educated?But in order to remedy the situation, must firmly know why you feel shyness.
To get started, try to give yourself a confident person kind.Lift the chin, straighten your back.Make sure that it was coherent.You may need to train at home.If you ask to help a loved one, you will have built up the habit of talking, not hiding his face and dropping his eyes.
Remember that a smile is largely dependent for conversation.Smile more.You yourself will not strain it is particularly strong in the course of the conversation.
Work on appearance.Perhaps learning to dress more stylishly, you agree to remove the problem.
should not pre-configure itself on the negative.Note that confidence depends on what mood you approach.Try to fill yourself with positive thoughts.Do not be afraid of what you have been denied, for example, in employment, which you had high hopes.You should not assume that it's your fault and then withdraw into themselves.It is possible that the place is already taken.And, besides, are not you alone were rejected.And certainly among these people we were those whose determination can only envy.There is nothing terrible to hear the refusal.
watched carefully the behavior of your friends and acquaintances.Learn from them and relaxed confidence.Use the methods of their behavior to communicate with strangers.For a start you can try to blindly copy them, and then bring the fellowship own style.
And remember, do not constantly criticize themselves.Take a look at ourselves and look for positive qualities.Think about what you are young and promising.Do you have friends that you appreciate.So, really have something!