Pay attention to your feelings

Having made some mistake, vote their feelings, pay attention to how you behave.If you are prone to excessive self-criticism, you might be afraid of the consequences of their errors, you may want to deflect blame and assign it to someone else.It must be remembered that this behavior may bring more problems than if you openly admit they were wrong.

To determine whether you have a tendency to justify ourselves every time, pay attention to what you do not exaggerate the fatality of their mistakes, not to humiliate himself for any failure to act correctly.Check whether you cease to believe in their abilities and do not perceive whether their past mistakes as a kind of lesson.If you notice this behavior for themselves, adjust it.
not reproach yourself for your mistakes.Various errors (minor slips or major omissions) on the way to the goal is almost inevitable.

problem persists

Remember that mistakes are an integral part of any process.Even if you have learned well the lessons of past mistakes, they still occasionally be repeated.Errors only person to show that he was doing wrong, they give him the opportunity to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills.
Remember that many great inventions have been made after a long succession of various errors.

Focus on the causes of errors

Instead of calling at a number of negative emotions, think about what could be the cause of your error.Perhaps you were too tired, hungry, want to please someone, or be overly persistent.Concentrate on the reasons for their mistakes and not on self-abasement, tell yourself, for example: "In the future I will make decisions just to make sure have the necessary information," or "In the future, I will not decide if I feel tired."

Do not look to the past

constant return to past mistakes immerses man in negative thoughts.Analysis and recognition of the mistakes of the past is necessary, learn from them, but will never go back to the experiences that they cause.The past can not be changed.

People are not perfect

Many people can not admit their mistakes because they are constantly striving for perfection.People aspiring to excellence in all doomed to wallow in mistakes.They can demoralize any significant error.Allow yourself to be imperfect and make mistakes.Do not try to be the best in everything you do, otherwise you will immerse yourself in the identification of their own shortcomings.Always tell yourself that you are beautiful just as you are, you are open to learning and constant growth.