Give subside first most powerful and vivid emotions.If you have been betrayed, heartache will not work until you do not want to.Stop constantly scrolled in the head happened trouble - this does not become easier.But if you mentally "release" the problem and will try to recover as soon as possible, you will spend much less nerve.Do you want to still give vent to the accumulated negativity?You enough for one day - during his stint myself cry as she pleased, seized Mount favorite chocolate and watch the melodrama.In the morning you will be much easier.At least you will be able to think clearly, and that's good.
Analyze the situation - could you do to be guilty of treason?If the wife is constantly nagging her husband, she exasperated ridiculous suspicions and tries to control it, how can you call unexpectedly and random?Well, if you are constantly deceived his friends, considering themselves smarter, why be surprised if they tricked you?Nothing strange about that.How to start to trust in such cases?Not only in the conflict, but also in any treacherous act may be to blame both sides.Admit it to themselves.
trust between people does not occur in a single day.To this feeling manifested itself to a certain person, you must go with him through fire, water and copper pipes, to encounter many problems and solve them together, that there was a strong feeling of confidence that you will always lend a helping hand.It is especially difficult to return the previously lost trust.But if you see that a person sincerely repented of that hurt you and realizing your mistakes, not repeat them more, think about how to forgive and start all over again.Just do not try to periodically recall it happened - it is better then not continue to communicate at all.Recriminations and hidden resentment sooner or later all will drive to nothing.