If time permits, it is not necessary to write a romantic letter to the e-mail.Such a method is more than appropriate for business correspondence.But if you're away from your destination and the time is short, and this version will suit.Write about your feelings, attach pictures or beautiful cards, work styles and to choose a beautiful unusual font.
But where better to write a letter by hand.Buy a beautiful paper, the best pastel yellow, white, beige.Better yet, look for paper, stylized antique.Eli still do not find your regular A4 paper.Write a letter in black, dark gray or brown ink.Leave the blue and red for teachers.Pick a beautiful envelope and a stamp.
Practice writing calligraphy.Write a letter to the first draft and check literacy and punctuation.Add to writing any piece of yourself.A drop of a familiar destination of toilet water and imprint of lipstick perfectly suited for this purpose.
Do not be afraid to seem old-fashioned.You can seal the letter stylized nominal wet seal.Or write it in the best tradition of love letters of the 18th century, using the speech patterns of the time.This will add to the authenticity of your letter, and your recipient is sure to appreciate it.
If you do not know what to write about, remember a loved one, the smell, some happy moments together and do the right words will come to mind.You can turn on the appropriate music or take in his hands the thing that is better imbued with memories of a loved one.
is almost impossible to learn how to write beautifully romantic letter, if you do not like to read classic literature.Be inspired by the classics, read prose, letters, and poetry better.Esenina Read "Letter to Women", "Letter" Lermontov remember a letter Tatyana Larina and Eugene Onegin, Pushkin's masterpiece from the same.Fine wrote love poems Akhmatova, Brodsky, Voloshin, Tsvetaeva, Gumelev.Among contemporary poets - Polozkova and Bulls.
You can start your love letter epigraph using themed quotes.Perfect Brodsky and his "Nowhere with love, Eleventh martobrya, dear, dear, dear .." or Pushkin, "I write to you - what else? What else can I say?Now I know in your will, my contempt punished. "Epigraph to use any quotes that you like and evoke thoughts of a loved one.