care of the needs of

independent person is able to perform the necessary skills: If necessary, wash clothes, buy groceries and cook your own dinner.He also clean up the apartment, takes out the garbage and try to keep things in place.

find a way to motivate your child to keep order in his personal space.Suggest a teenager his responsibilities at home.He can take out the garbage every morning, after school, at the store to buy bread and milk, and in the evening to participate in the process of preparing their own dinner or lay laundry.

gradually expand the scope of his duties.Lay a teenager involved in the process of cleaning the house.His duty may be cleaning the whole, if the parents are very busy, or a particular process: vacuum, clean the dust, wash the floor.He has to take care of their own neat appearance.It is desirable that he stroked his clothes and shined shoes in the morning.

behavior in society

independent person knows how to pay utilities, and will be able to call the master in cases of emergency.In unusual situations, independent person is not confused, and will actively seek a way to solve.

Ask a teenager sometimes to pay utility bills.Get a home directory with phone numbers of emergency services and acquaintances.Show your child all the phones and explain to whom he should call in an emergency, or someone of your friends give the right advice if you are not able to get through.

His purposes

independent person has their own views on life.He is not subject to another's influence is clear and its immediate objectives and action plan.Adult man finds the right information for the implementation of planned and involves the assistance of others, if the situation so requires.He is motivated to achieve results.

Encourage the child to acquire new knowledge and skills.Help him to make short-term plans and monitor the process of achieving them.Encourage your teen not to give up if he has something does not work, and to seek other ways to achieve the goal.


independent person describes the ability to take responsibility for their decisions themselves.Such a person is able to adequately assess the situation and choose the most optimal solution for the given circumstances.

It focuses initially on its own point of view and only in difficult situations resort to outside help and advice.He understands how to construct the social life of man and recognizes the moral laws of society has moral values ​​and is able to communicate.

Teach your child literate communication and ethical behavior.Demonstrate by example how important it is to keep its word and to make decisions.Provide a teenager some freedom of choice, which should take a decision himself.For example, he can afford to buy stationery for school and later clothes.Respect the child's views and encourage their desire for independence.