Modern man often gets in stressful situations, experiences mental stress, depressed.Speaking directly about the mental strain, it is most likely to occur because of problems related to work, family.

rhythm of life in the 21st century is significantly accelerated.This leads to the fact that psycho-emotional background of each individual is constantly exposed to the outside.Everything is quite natural, as the mind needs rest, complete relaxation.Otherwise, the voltage increases to a critical point.Catharsis may be expressed as a depression or nervous breakdown.

To avoid these negative effects, the best time to relieve mental stress.Everyone has the opportunity to carve out at least half an hour a day to devote to himself.

first method - relaxation

Relaxation - a complete physical and emotional relaxation.For quick entry into the state of rest, you can use light to soothing music.It should lie on your back on a flat surface, or sit comfortably in a chair and close your eyes.Breathing even.It is important to try to

disengaged from his thoughts by presenting them in the form of cars that drive through the highway past the observer.The observer - is the inner world of each person.

After a few minutes of thought will not come a mental and emotional emptiness of mind.It is in this state, the restoration of the nervous system, its relaxation.Emotional mood becomes positive.In addition, the resting body, which will benefit the general condition.

For relaxation often use Japanese.In Japan, lunch lasts two hours, and most of the offices are equipped with facilities for relaxation.

second way - sports

during exercise occurs emotional release.As a consequence, reduces mental stress.It is important that training lasted for at least 45 minutes.Perfect training in the gym, swimming, running.But the best effect is given command of the game - football, volleyball, hockey.

During sports, a large amount of endorphins that are beneficial to the general human condition.Endorphins are called "the hormone of happiness."It greatly improves the mood.

The third method - spending time with friends, Bath

to remove nervous tension perfectly communicate with nice people.Hiking with friends in the billiard room, bowling alley, bar help change the emotional background, add life more positive.Visit bath with your friends will give a double effect on the removal of nervous tension.This release of endorphins, and pleasant communication.

fourth method - punching bag

amazing effect on removing mental stress gives lessons with a punching bag.You can imagine that in a pear contains all the problems and beat on it with full force.Within minutes subsides stress, improve mood.