Random patterns

believed that people - the creator of his own destiny, but is it really?Sometimes unexpected events happen, predict that mere mortals can not.It happens that people aspire to something, making every effort, and plan to do just not glued.In this case, more often say, "Do not destiny!".And it so happens that people do not even hope for success and receives all by chance.It is interesting that such pleasant surprises natural.It is as if the fate of the self directs people to the right path and removes unwanted events.
Pleasant unexpected gifts fate presents only the most dedicated and active person, and therefore rely on them idly meaningless.

Should we hope for fate?

Quite often, people who once were very lucky, asked how they could be at the right time in the right place.What they usually say, "So decreed fate."But we should not forget that every pleasant surprise has some grounds and consequences - in this world nothing happens for a reason.So much hope for the gifts of fate is not worth it.In most cases, it is favorable to ambitious people with an active lifestyle, but melancholic often bypasses.The more a person will try and make an effort towards the target, the more likely he will reach it.Fate in this case will act as a focal point, which will set the direction of motion.

Unlucky people

If a person is always and everywhere a favor, then the problem must be sought in itself, in its relation to the world.Usually the category of unlucky are envious, greedy and skeptical people who spontaneously create around themselves a negative energy field.They are not spoiled with gifts of fate, simply because they do not believe in it.Man shutting in yourself, never be happy, so do not expect, but at least to believe in pleasant surprises.
Will lucky man depends only on himself.To do this, open up the world to actively move to the selected targets and, of course, to believe in fate.


man too aggressively moving towards its goal, often fails to notice that the fate gives him tips that often do not meet expectations.If it continues to move forward aggressively, he may still achieve the desired, but the results do not justify the effort.Tips can be expressed in everything, for example, people slept and missed the bus that crashed, or did not take to the office, which soon closed.Listening to your intuition, you can avoid many of the problems encountered on the path of life.