you need
  • time, the discipline, the regime, the desire to combine the limited food with exercise
running in the morning or in the evening and (or) long walks during the day can helpa correction, especially if combined with a reasonable consumption of food.The main thing - the right to plan the day to a run and walking enough vremeni.V warmer months, you can ride a bike.On the effectiveness of the fight for health and beauty bike - one of the first places.Only here the desired result will be if you go regularly, and at a rate of at least 20 km / chas.Mozhno deal with at home, but here it is necessary to gather the courage to laziness did not win your desire to turn the hoop, jump rope, engaged onsimulator, etc.
Various dances are useful for improving the appearance and inner state - both physical and psychological.However, they require skills.Starting from scratch is very difficult.And besides, the collective nature of activities like not vsem.Sportivnye game - doubles and team - to help bring in rate muscular system, but it is often difficult to deal with them, especially older people.
Fitness facilities (power aerobics, martial arts, cardio) - an effective tool for "simulation" figures, but the body getting used to certain types of exercise, it requires an increase in their frequency and intensity, which may eventually "break "even the most hardy cheloveka.Plavanie considered one of the healthiest sports, because movement in the water nullify the negative load on the body, thus activating the work of all the muscles.But that was visible need at any time of year to visit the pool 3-4 times a week.