During pregnancy, life expectancy seems cheerful and joyful, child- nice and calm.A woman dreams about how her husband would help her, is how great will to walk and play with the baby, and at night the whole family would be peacefully snore after a hard day.

In fact, the situation is somewhat different: the baby cries day and night, constantly demands the breast, the husband is lost at work, and at home a bunch of outstanding cases, which greatly increased with the advent of the crumbs.Against the background of such stress in women develop postpartum depression, and the child may begin to cause only bad emotions.How to awaken a maternal instinct, how to love your little one?

Sound sleep and peace of mind

first months of the baby often wakes up at night, but my mother in order to avoid bad mood and well-being need to get enough sleep.Do not try to perform all the work around the house, they would not alter.Better get some sleep with the baby in the afternoon.It will give you strength, energy is restored, and the problems do not appear to be insurmountable. night put the baby to bed with him, it is not only brings, but also gives you the opportunity to sleep.

If you feel you are broken, leave the baby with dad or grandma and do a walk in the fresh air.So you calm down, take himself in hand, and during his absence will have time to get bored on the kid and want to spend time with him.

shift some domestic duties to her husband, but do try to spend more time with the child.The less he cries, the more you will enjoy it, be touched, to observe the behavior, and it will greatly help develop a maternal instinct.

Talk with your child

Naladte breastfeeding during suckling emotional connection restored.Kid important to feel my mother know that she was there, so it will behave much calmer, less crying, smile more often, which will undoubtedly have an impact on your mood.
Most carry a child in her arms.You can use the sling so your hands are free and you can make some urgent business at home.

Kid important to be constantly close to the mother and to feel her warmth and tenderness, and a woman such proximity will, in the absence of maternal instinct, to wake him up.All the time, touch the baby, caress him on the head and the handle, to examine the facial features, defining who he is more like.This will cause positive emotions, joy and happiness.

And in any case, do not neglect the advice and help of older people - his mother-in-law.They will take the baby, but you can have a rest from it, take the time to myself, to walk to the shops.After a nice time you can devote more time to the child, to give him all my love, that will certainly help the development of the maternal instinct.