If your baby is bottle-fed, you periodically appears the idea that it is your fault does not receive breast milk.And with it - antibodies that will help him cope with infections.Perstante torment yourself with such thoughts.Firstly, the fact that you have enough milk or it is not at all, not at all your fault, so there were circumstances.Second, you give him a mixture in which there is everything necessary for its growth and development.And thirdly, you can give your child a great love and affection, not less, than during breastfeeding.
When a child begins to attend kindergarten, it takes a period of adjustment.Not all children have the time to proceed smoothly, sometimes the teacher barely convinces the kid to come into the group.He was crying and calling my mother, and you have tears in his eyes and a sense of guilt for the fact that do not have the opportunity to engage in home education.Do not blame yourself for this, kindergarten is a great place to develop social and language skills.In order to facilitate the adaptation period for the child, start with a small amount of time.Let him first hold in the garden for 2 hours, then will safely stay until the afternoon, and later - and the whole day.
When a child asks to buy him what some expensive toy, but you can not afford it, you sometimes feel guilty.Do not torture yourself in vain experiences, there are very few things that are really needed.None of the rest is easy to manage.Children especially need the care and love, rather than the mass of expensive toys.Moreover, the constant pampering their shopping, you do not teach them to appreciate the earnings.It is better to do with him any toy with their hands.Seeing how he likes it, you will not feel guilty.