Why did you decide to fasten the soul of all the buttons?Perhaps you are confusing the concept of trust and gullibility.The first one gives you an opportunity to build a genuine relationship with the familiar people, and the other is a blind faith in the word.If you have at least an intuitive feeling for the difference, you will realize that once engaged the truly loved one you can hardly call yourself gullible simpleton.
But what if someone tries to take advantage of your trust?As a rule, after such a bitter experience people are beginning to withdraw into themselves and are no longer open, even loved ones.It turns out that if you do not trust you, it is unlikely that someone will open your soul to you, and this path is fraught with loneliness and lack of understanding from others.Analyze what you can make mistakes and how to avoid it in the future.In no case did not turn in on themselves, and better start to learn from their mistakes.
If your environment was a traitor, do not rush back to spread his whole inside story, which is known to you.Think about why people decided to do so?Try to put yourself in his place, perhaps that your behavior provoked him this sneaky move.Breaks off or continue a friendship with him - you decide.Whatever it was, try to forgive the traitor.This will help you not to get stuck in the no-confidence again and not lose the rest of friends.
inner openness helps a person overcome life's burdens and be surrounded by people who can sincerely share with you happy moments.Do not neglect the trust only because someone had once hurt you.It is impossible to equate to one remaining faithful man.It is better to pay attention to those people who you trust.This means that they respect, appreciate, and you are almost sure that you will not betray.Maybe you should try to open up to some of them.