Parting with a loved one - how to survive it during pregnancy

especially difficult given the suppression of your own feelings girls waiting for the baby.To this effect a number of factors.Firstly, hormonal changes.During her even small troubles seem insurmountable.And separation from loved perceived simply as the end of the world.Secondly, a pregnant woman worries about the future - not only his, but also the baby.And she was not sure she would be able to provide a baby without the support of men.These two main factors turn parting just a disaster.

But there are ways to find peace, and not to fall into depression.The most important advice - try to accept the situation and let it go.If separation has occurred, it is necessary to understand and build their lives on their own.It only seems complicated at first.Then there is self-confidence and it inspires.The woman is simply no room for error, it is not for someone to shift responsibilities.And she mobilized all the internal resources, it starts to behave differently, speak, act.Life changes completely, becoming active and productive.In the maelstrom of events parting quickly forgotten, the woman stops to think about the man, even once loved.At the forefront own objectives and future baby.It will happen, but only if the woman will not feel sorry for yourself and think only about how bad.I will not remember what it was, and start working on their present for the best possible future.

support loved ones - important but not a priority

Very often pregnant women are left alone without the support of men trying to completely shift the care of yourself on loved ones - parents, brothers, sisters.Of course, if the home has a desire to take on additional responsibilities - that's good.This will help the woman to be more relaxed and confident in the future.But it so happens that the family is not willing or able to help.And we must be prepared for such an eventuality.Ask for support is required, but you can count on it only after it received a positive response.It is not necessary to keep in mind the illusion that others are imbued with the situation and rushed to help.Their collapse could be even more severe blow than parting with a man.So the first thing is to rely on yourself and build a new life on their own.This will help to quickly adapt to the changing reality and learn to make important decisions.