you need
  • little free time and silence.
can try this method.Sit back.Close your eyes.Try to stop the flow of his thoughts.Focus on yourself.Imagine that the will of the evil destinies, you turn into stone.Normal cobblestones.You might be buried in the pavement and thrown into the back yard, which will drain the dishwater.Remember your feelings.You - a stone.You can not look out the window, because you do not have eyes.You can not get up and go to the kitchen for a cup of tea.You can not even go to the hated your job and on the road with someone to meet and chat.All.You can not do anything.And so you're lying to you for the rest of your life .Then the time comes and you just die.How do you find such a prospect?Do not have any desire to stop the experiment, to jump and to thank anyone, because all of you people?What does your life is still positive aspects, and should not be so easy to give up his life.
If you are able to imagine bad, just look at the news and put yourself in the place of any victim, for example, natural disasters.What, and you worse formed life ?
Think about it.
Another good option - it's awaken their curiosity.Find an interesting exercise.Stop bored.Love yourself and everything that surrounds you.Even if you do not wake do, life still goes.Life - this is not something that happened to you yesterday, and not something that will be with you tomorrow.Life - this is what happens to you in the present moment.Smile, breathe deeply, and strive for something interesting and exciting.You're a person, not just any stone.Appreciate life and stay healthy.