key steps to becoming your credibility

you decide to become an authority for others?This is a great goal, but keep in mind that work on yourself you will have to sweat.Forget about the "magic pill", they do not exist.So, in order to realize his dream into reality, in any sequence, do the following 6 steps:

1. Begin to pump confidence.This is a key factor in your success.If you are sitting inside the worm of doubt and constantly tells you about what kind of authority you might get if you do not have education, money, wealthy parents, attractive appearance, and so on, then your idea is doomed to failure.There are several ways to become more self-confident: Get yourself the success blog where you write down all your achievements, even the smallest, and read it on a regular basis (at least once a day);Write a list of what makes you positive emotions and read it in the morning after waking and at night before going to bed (when you are in a positive mood, you're always sure of themselves);follow all the work that promised to make for himself or others (the more you keep your word, become more confident).

2. Choose a topic in which you are going to be respected.Look up and read all the books that you find interesting for you on the subject.Without knowledge you can not convince anyone that adequately its own theme.

3. Be a person responsible for their lives.The authority - a person whose opinion is heeded, the advice is followed.And once you get the opportunity to influence the lives of others, we must clearly understand: you are responsible for their followers.Therefore, first of all, learn to be responsible for themselves.Remember what you promised to do for themselves or others, but for whatever reason have not fulfilled.Make a list of such cases, and immediately begin to close the "tails".Use the most effective way to bleed the responsibility - to give a public commitment to the people whose opinion is not indifferent to you.This will give you extra strength on the way to your goal, will not break upon the occurrence of the inevitable difficulties.You do not want to be idle talk, is not it?

4. Learn to speak clearly and concisely.The authority in any field should be able to clearly communicate its position to explain it, and if necessary - to defend and protect.To train this skill, get the courses of oratorical skill.Always grind your skills, speaking to relatives or even to his reflection in the mirror, if walking is not an audience in front of which you can show off style.

5. Take care of your physical health.One of the reasons for the authority to influence the minds of people - his foolish energy he radiates around.The basis of this power - the perfect condition of his body.Join a gym, sports club or at least start to do exercises in the morning.

6. Tidy your appearance.You will listen to the words of man, from which stinks then, unshaven, with uncut nails, dirty hair and rumpled clothes?Hardly.So if you have problems with the appearance immediately be engaged in cultivation of habits to follow and take care of themselves.

Common Mistakes Beginners

authorities, not knowing what and in what order to do often allow a lot of mistakes in their actions and do not even realize what they have done.So:

1. The desire to acquire the status of the authority of a few days or a couple of months.For such a short time your new thinking and nature do not have time to fully readjust because your whole life to making you fateful decision you lived in a different way.Old habits and beliefs do not just go away, you will have them long and hard fight.

2. Taking responsibility with which you will not be able to handle the revaluation of their capabilities.Most likely, you will be crushed by a heavy burden on your shoulders, and this will inevitably impact on your self-confidence and would postpone indefinitely the goal.

3. Stopping in its development.Do not think that once having shown the will, effort and desire to reach your goal, you can endlessly complacent.In a rapidly changing world is constantly new information in almost every field of human activity, and if you do not learn, sooner or later, your knowledge will become obsolete, and competitors would drop you from Olympus.