To become a stylish little thing , first stop to buy trendy things that you do not go.Girls with full legs do not buy leggings, and if you do not pump up the press, give up short tops.
Try shopping at this time that there was as little as possible to the people - then you will have plenty of opportunity povertetsya front of the mirror, looking at himself in the next design creativity.
stylish girl is vital to be able to combine the garments in her wardrobe.If you look like your stuff included top-bottom, you like than how they look individually - you are on the right track.
in many fashion magazines are printed like a photo shoot: the model during the week differently 3-4 combines the garment, and each of the seven photos appears to the reader in a new image.Stylish things should learn and combine things.Wear one and the same set of clothes for a week is considered bad manners.
Most look at the stylish people - in magazines, on the streets, at fashion shows.
If you are afraid to make a mistake in choosing the colors that pick up his clothes, prefer proven color combinations.Black with black, white, gray, black and white.Once you get the hand to pick up his simple sets of clothes, you can proceed to more complex combinations of colors.
Make revision wardrobe and ruthlessly throw all the clothes that lost look.Maybe it's your favorite faded T-shirt, but that dress, that now you hardly fastened, you went on your first date, but it is beautiful to look these things will not be.
Buy accessories, because they can make any image of the original, even if you are at the same time in casual clothes.You do not need to have in your box were exclusively gold and diamond jewelry.Sometimes a wooden bracelet adorn female much more effective than the chain with emeralds.
Do not be afraid to experiment, to measure everything you like to soberly assess yourself and buy only what you are.It is a guarantee that you will look stylish and original.