Understand that in some sense the possible inadequacy of childless people blame a society that dictates the conditions.If you realize that children are part of the life of the program, imposed by society, no doubt, that the happy life is possible without the child will disappear.
Imagine how much more personal freedom childless people.Yes, they are deprived of the joy of parenthood.On the other hand, they are not familiar with this sense, therefore they can accept a small loss.In return, they are given plenty of opportunities for self-realization.
Focus on building a career.With work, you can both realize their potential, and to get a good financial compensation for their work.The more successful you will choose the scope and position, the better to express themselves, the higher may be your financial reward.
invent a new game every day.You do not have to run home after work.So you can go in the theater and film, and a cafe.In the morning, start to look forward to pleasant moments that await you.
Pay more attention to your loved one.Since you do not have children, you can give all the love to one person.Live in the pleasure and enjoy your novel.
Engage in a hobby.In addition to its main drag, you can find new interests.Attend workshops, sign up for courses, get additional education.
Take your health.Join a gym, a pool, a dance class or yoga classes.You have the opportunity to give its shape a lot of time and bring it to perfection.
Get a pet.You will look after and take care of it.Your pet will be able to swim in your love and affection.
trip.Make a route of your dreams, visit the places where long wanted to visit.Without children, you can decide on a long, and at the extreme trip.
Commit yourself to good works.Live happily nice and correct.But we need to give a piece of yourself and to help others.Help the poor, the sick, the homeless.Do something to save a homeless animal, plant a plant.Do good.
Business Loans.Maybe you do not see prospects for their work and feel that your employer will not be able to appreciate your potential and deserved reward you for your work.Then open your own business.You do not keep the baby, then, it can save a decent start-up capital and invest it in the risk business.