Everyone is the creator of his own destiny.The same can be said of the mood.You do not look hungry, tired and angry?Give myself up, cook a tasty meal, relax in the hot tub and remember something beautiful or funny from the past.
It helps to look at the current issue of the distant future.Imagine that you remember today's problem in 10 years.It will seem so small and shallow that inadvertently cause a smile.So why not smile now, throwing myself in trouble ?!
important factor in creating a good mood morning.To do this, ventilate the bedroom at night, go to bed not too late to get a good night's sleep and wake up, do not get up out of bed immediately, lie still for about 5 minutes, think about something pleasant, stretch, do some mobilizing movements.
Take a shower, do not necessarily cold, refreshing, and such as you like.Put something out of your favorite things.Standing before the mirror, smile and praise myself for what you are, what is - wonderful and unique in the world.
Breakfast is also playing a significant role in creating a good mood.Light food, beautifully decorated table will give you aesthetic pleasure, which will affect your mood.
some reason, people tend to pay attention to all the bad and good somehow pass us by.By learning to notice it, you will always be in good spirits.Trying to create a good mood, remember that all life situations are inherently neutral initially, they acquire a particular meaning only when you are giving them a rating.And what will this estimate depends only on you.