Start with yourself.Stop frowning, angry, irritated over trifles, and try the patience of friends.Decide once and for all get up in the morning with the "wrong side" of this world, and I wish a good morning!Lit up with a smile reflected with pleasure m kiss mum or mate, congratulate colleagues with beautiful weather and buy a bunch of flowers on the way home.You - a self-sufficient, strong and positive person.Hold on to this rule, at least one day, and before going to bed will appreciate the thrill that you got from your mood.
Learn to enjoy the most common actions.Remove fun out of everything.Your job you do not really like?Rate it again, because it brings you the income that you spend on yourself and your family.Is spending money on themselves - not fun ?Especially in the work itself, you can find a lot of advantages.For example, you are obviously very much in demand as an expert, and you may have colleagues who run to you for advice on business matters.Feel fun from its expected value and move up the career ladder.You quarrelsome spouse?Think of all the pleasant moments of your appointments and pre-wedding commotion when you do anything like that this woman belonged to you.It's time to make a take a romantic trip, sending children to summer camp, and by buying tickets to exotic destinations.Enjoy socializing with each other and get pleasure from the newly erupted feelings!
most ordinary everyday activity can be turned into a holiday.Eating, which is reduced to the traditional warm up in the microwave absorption, and anything lying on the plate in front of the TV, it is unlikely you brings a lot of joy.But if you open a cookbook, poke your finger into the most fabulous recipe and it will be able to make a reality, you deliver enjoy not only his beloved, but also their loved ones.In the end, with no cooking skills, I send myself in the company of a friend or a second half in the most amazing restaurant there and arrange a real holiday abdomen.
Work out.At first glance, this step will not get much pleasure and have to force myself to go to the gym.However, long ago it proved that after intense physical exercise our body gets the signal from the brain to synthesize a substance in the body called endorphins.It is intended by nature to naturally numb muscles.That is why after the gym man always feels mild euphoria and satisfaction.Do not be lazy after a hard break for a jog in the pool or gym.
How to learn to
Go to bed with the thought that tomorrow will be even better than today.Calculate in mind, how many times have you received fun day and tune in a good night's sleep.Even a pleasant languor in a warm bed can give you no less fun.