Start with a smile.Sincere and friendly smile always has.Smile always and for any reason, is particularly useful to meet failure and sudden lapses with a smile.The ratio of people to you is a reflection of your relationship to the world, so be friendly and smiling.
Tune in the successful outcome of any event.Always count on the positive end of any business.Do not start a business without a firm confidence that you can handle.This requires a clear plan, each item is carefully designed.But to be an optimist not mean to be flippant.Always be prepared for a failed event.Just do not let gloomy thoughts to master your consciousness.
In case of failure always looking for the pros.Every disaster has its positive side, so try to look at the situation from the other side.Most likely, it is possible not to block the frustration of failure, but it's better than not having anything at all.Learn to build their conclusions in a positive direction.
abstracted from negativity around you.Limit contact with people who see only what is happening in the dark prospects.Admit to your surroundings cheerful, carefree and easygoing people.Do not watch TV, do not listen to the news on the radio, do not participate in the discussion of accidents, etc.
not restrain their emotions.Take care of your mental state.Do not hoard emotions and experiences, learn to relax.For the analysis of many of the problems are enough to understand them and suggest possible solutions.
help others.In difficult situations, analyze their surroundings and find someone with similar problems.Help him morally, make every effort to ensure that the feel fit.Thus, you can not worry about their own painful difficulties.