never overshadow the boss.To ensure that those at the top, it was comfortable.In an effort to please them, do not go very far, showing their talents.You may get the opposite effect: to instill in them the uncertainty and fear.Get your boss to believe that he was more brilliant than he is - and you will be able to reach the heights of power.Show their talents, you come up with envy, resentment.Be prepared for this.But if it comes to power, human eclipse of higher rank - a gross error.You will be deceived into thinking that by demonstrating their abilities will be able to gain the approval of the chief.Thank you, but at the first opportunity to replace someone not so smart.
Do not trust your friends infinitely.Be alert to them - they would rather betray, becauseeasily and quickly become the envy of tyrants and minions.But Call the service of the former enemy, he was a loyal friend, because he has something to prove.
hide their intentions.If you want to take power rather postpone his honesty aside and begin to practice the ability to hide its intentions.Master this quality, and you will always rise to the occasion.Just flaunt what you would like to pass off as desired, or target, which may pursue - and everyone will believe in their reality.
Always say less than you think necessary.Remember, if you want to impress with words, the more you talk, the more you seem ordinary, do not know the real power.Influential people inspire fear and give the impression that keep back.Talking a lot, you increase the possibility that you say nonsense.If you talk a little, you will inevitably seem more powerful than it really is.
Take care at the cost of his reputation.It is the cornerstone of power.With its help, you can win and inspire fear.But it is worth it falter, you become vulnerable and immediately begin to be attacked.Make reputation began to waver.Learn to deduce the enemy down, finding a dent in their reputation.Then you can safely step aside and give public opinion the opportunity to deal with them.
create himself anew.Do not accept the roles that society imposes on you.Create yourself again, do not cease to bring the world of individualism, a way that will attract attention and never bores the audience.Do not let others define for you your shape.Add a bit of theatricality his public speeches and deeds, and your power will increase, and the image will gain credibility and scale.
Feel actor, learn the definition of their appearance and managing their emotions.A good actor owns a fine.It has the ability to play sincerity, squeeze a tear to show the manifestation of emotions in a form that is understandable to others.Learn self-control, to adopt flexibility and plasticity of actors who know how to sculpt your face, depending on whether it is necessary to express the feelings.The great lords, from Mao Zedong to Napoleon, sometimes resorted to theatrical effects, to amaze and entertain the audience.However, be careful not to overplay, becausethis can give the opposite effect.