Sometimes we are faced with difficult situations in life and wondered, not for us to go to a psychologist?We figure out how many will have to give money, but is it worth it?And maybe we can handle themselves?Or itself resolved?Such questions appear before deciding to turn to a psychologist.Especially that sometimes we really do deal with, and some situations are resolved without our participation.
So if we need help from the outside?

First you need to understand that the human mind is not a simple and straightforward tool.Sometimes the simple, at first glance, the problem of hiding quite complex and difficult to exploring the causes, without which change is not going away and the problem itself.It is also possible, and the reverse situation, when a serious difficulty in life is resolved by understanding the simple analysis of possible options for action.

How to understand what problems require deeper study and therefore time-consuming and which require less effort.

1. The problems are easy to correct and impact.

begin with a simple.What we know for help almost any competent psychologist?
All fresh, newly emerging complexity and difficulties in the relationship, usually require a support and some informed decisions, help in their search for help or just to adapt.There was a difficult circumstance whether a new or a new twist on the well-off to this situation or relationship - welcome to the psychologist.Chances are that after 1-5 meetings you leave your office elated discoveries willing to live fully and enthusiastically to solve the puzzle of life that seemed earlier problems.

addition should be emphasized: "in safe until this situation or relationship."If the relationship is not simple, and it lasts a long time, the situation is already out of this category of problems.

2. Psychological complexity and difficulty, requiring some effort to resolve them.

There is a category of psychological problems that do not get solved so easily.But they are quite amenable to correction.

example, is more complex, intricate relationship in which the client will have to realize something in yourself to make some decisions, including tough, to confess their motives are not always obvious and aspirations.Also, you may have to make an effort towards the harmonization of relations, something to limit yourself, etc.

also fall into this category and how to overcome stress and harmonize his psychological state.For this, too, requires some effort, search for information, perform any exercises and some analysis and understanding of themselves.

achieve its objectives, analysis of obstacles hindering, developing strategies to achieve it - all of it is quite possible to implement with the help of a psychologist, if you make the effort and spend some time.

3. Complex problems require deep study and serious effort.

sometimes quite difficult from the outset to determine to which category this or that problem.One of the ways this definition is a practical effort to overcome it.If you put enough effort to resolve any difficulty, and many in your situation have already achieved the result - perhaps this is your situation fell into the category of tangible enough weight psychological complexities and difficulties.

It can be a long and troubled relations, dependency and codependency, negative emotional reaction is not modifiable in many ways, obsession, psychological trauma, and much, much more.

These problems will not have any psychologist, and a really good specialist with experience in such assistance.

In these cases, the causes can go deep into the subconscious and require deep consideration.There are negative emotional reactions that occur at a very early age, in utero, at the moment of birth.

Often the cause of the problem situation is in fact old man.So Bert Hellinger directly links some cases of depression modern Germans cruel deeds of their fathers and grandfathers in Nazi Germany.

root causes, hidden in the human psyche can be worked for a long time and is not easy.But they can understand, already having put a great effort from both the client and the therapist.

Sometimes these complex problems requires wisdom, insight, or other attitudes.Obviously, this comes with time, sometimes for many years.And there is no reason to expect such serious changes in the last month or two.
Wisdom and mature Beliefs ripen.

4. Problems virtually impossible to psychological adjustment and stress.

Finally, we touch of what is hardly cope psychologist, of course, if he is not a genius, such as, for example, Milton Erickson.

Here we put all the underlying problems caused by the negative traits that manifest themselves most of the client's life, they are considered an integral part of his personality.

For example, a strong pessimism, his deep sense of worthlessness or infringement.Strong resentment toward life.These people are many unsolved problems in all spheres of life.Sometimes it seems that people come here specifically to suffer.If there is a person and ready to lend a helping hand, sometimes even free of charge, all his attempts are rejected.This "client" is in its bay some protection and will fight to the last, so God forbid he has happened at least a small relief.These clients to psychologists and usually do not go because of the chronic lack of money.

Also this group includes customers with mixed problems.For example, when a psychological component mixed with a medical or psychiatric.

many existential problems are not amenable to correction except in rare cases.Such people accompanied by depression, lack of meaning of life, fatigue, physical illness, and sometimes a lot of related complications.Sometimes such patients helps only a spiritual approach based on the introduction to the religion and knowledge of the depths of the "I".