Identity Crisis

Survive identity crisis will help correct assessment of the situation.When a person is something seriously not satisfied in one area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife, it may seem that in other moments the situation is unsatisfactory.But this is not necessarily so.First of all, spend a kind of revision of the state of your affairs.Can this be done with a pen and a notebook, recording the information.Walk in all aspects: health, family, work, friends, hobbies, love, financial situation and other issues important to you.

you, first of all, it is important to see what you need to work in their lives.Second, these lists will help you to understand that not everything is so sad as it seems at first glance. Try to be objective and not to dramatize the situation.

Once you identify the main problem, it will be easier to get out of the impasse of life.Make a clear plan of action to fix the situation.For example, when you dislike depressing job, you need to develop steps to find a new one.

Depending on what at the moment you are missing in your life, give yourself a goal and decide the motivation.Remember that in a difficult period of time is particularly important to you to be strong.Do not allow yourself to become limp.If you are very worried because of the situation, give yourself a period when it will no longer do.Read motivating books, watch movies and always positive every day move toward its goal.

financial crisis

economic difficulties as well as personal, you can survive.The main thing - to choose the right strategy and do not deviate from the unlabeled plan.First of all, try to get out of debt.Think any of your loans and credits most important and big.If you can not do all at once debtors, start with the largest.

Naturally, you need to become more economical and practical.Reduce costs for items that are not for your essentials.Despite financial difficulties, it is still desirable to defer some of his regular income, for example, ten percent of salary.

To maintain composure, get free ways to pamper yourself.Suppose that you have refused to from time to Movies.But it does mean that you can not see a great movie house. Walking the streets or park, home care, good books and chat with loved ones do not require large expenditures.

Try to keep other members of his family, especially if some of them have lost their jobs.In times of especially important closeness between relatives, relationships and strong family ties.The curse and blame each other for the problems with money, look better with a new job for a loved one.