loss of

man can lose sight of any age.The years take their toll, the eye muscles become less flexible, and lost sharpness.Violation of safety rules, accident, work specifics, heredity - these factors can affect that person starts to see badly.This situation imposes a number of restrictions which will depend on the traditional way of life and the degree of vision loss.In each case, you must be examined by an ophthalmologist.That he is able to assess the severity of the problem, to help find a way out of the situation, make a prediction for the future, prescribe treatment.

Restrictions for the visually impaired

Poor eyesight can be a cause of refusal to hire, failure to obtain a driver's license.Visually Impaired begin to secluded life, because they are afraid to go outside.Unfortunately, the Russian roads, buildings, entrances, streets are not equipped for people with disabilities.This fact makes the human hermit.Scared to go out, seem helpless, asking strangers to translate across the road or reading ads.Poor eyesight does not allow to practice your favorite hobbies: knitting, sewing, embroidery.It is hard to read newspapers and books.

Poor vision - not a sentence

Poor eyesight does not make a person worse than others.This is just a kind of constraint that must be taken.Man needs to understand that way of life will develop in a different way, and do not need to give up on myself.Modern medicine has markedly stepped forward.New technologies allow fully or partially restore sight and alleviate the condition.

There are ways to help improve the quality of life of a person with poor eyesight: glasses, lenses, magnifiers, special devices for the visually impaired.Important support for loved ones and family.These people help to adapt to the new conditions of life, provide moral support.In addition to the eye, a person has multiple senses to help him compensate for the lack.Poor vision does not stop being happy and self-sufficient, it does not interfere with having a family, work and relax.

People with poor eyesight attend special trainings and seminars, which are taught how to live with such a defect is not to despair and to find the strength to fight.The seminars are aimed at, and then to enlighten human medicine, to inform about new technologies, medicines to help improve vision.