not need to start homework immediately after coming home from school.The break must be at least two hours.During this time you will be able to assimilate the information received for 5-7 hours in the classroom.It is best at this time to get some sleep, exercise or a walk.The activities must be linked to a mobile load, not with intellectual things.
Schoolboy rarely concentrate on one thing for more than 20 minutes.It is important to switch attention to something, to alternate activities.If you are writing assignments from time to time go to oral and vice versa.After 40 minutes, go do something active, for example, run around or walk.Change is important to arrange at home.
Performing lessons alternate with rest, but remember that the TV or the Internet - is also a mental activity.If they spend time between classes, the brain does not rest.It is better to choose a run, a walk in the fresh air, playing with the ball, active playing with a dog or other children.Therefore it is possible to divide the classes into two parts, a first run and then to walk, and then complete the homework.
Start over lessons with something simple, and gradually move to more complex.The brain is not directly involved in the work, it takes time to adjust.But everyone has their priorities someone humanities seem easy, but someone technical, all individually.Define the sequence for myself, stick to it consistently, it will help to quickly perform all the tasks.
If you want to remember a large amount of material, divide it into parts.The poem can be taught by quatrains, and great lyrics - broken down into paragraphs.Having acquired a portion Speak it aloud a few times, then a break for something, and after 10 minutes, tell it again.Begin to teach the next piece can be just after the break.The brain is easier to digest small amounts of data, but huge chunks of it tends to be forgotten.
If storing oral texts causing the problem, try to play with associations.Each text and the event it is necessary to connect with some images.You can use your favorite characters, elements of nature or family members.Each piece should be associated with something interesting and fun it will provide an opportunity to recall learned at any time.But this technique is more suitable for younger children.Scarecrow children who do not have the habit to think in images, to master this method will be more difficult.