working on his personal qualities, developing intelligence and thinking, some people forget about their appearance, believing that their rich inner world more than compensates for the lack of beauty, neatness and taste.However, underestimating the importance of how you are dressed in a given situation, you are unlikely to be able to achieve success in all areas of life.

wise mother since childhood are taught their daughters that go out only bringing clothes, shoes and hair in perfect condition.And it is justified - a rare young man interested in an ugly duckling, while tastefully dressed woman is always able to attract the attention of the young man, having made him a vivid first impression.By the way, remember the fairy tale about Cinderella - it should change the dress, and her fate changed dramatically!

As for other areas of life, and their clothing plays an important role.Going to a job interview in a solid company, remember - make a first impression you can only once.Therefore, do not neglect the dress code of the selected organization.Future colleagues and leaders will be able to evaluate your intelligence, education, competence, great sense of humor and other positive qualities, only to learn you closer.But if the choice is between the untidy and unrepresentative candidate for the post and elegantly dressed competitor, of course, prefer the second.In addition, neglect their appearance can cause a career of "stagnation" - you just will not give up the career ladder.

In some periods of his life to pay special attention to the choice of clothing is a must.You need to change the image by changing the social status, for example, when you enter into a marriage with a rich and famous man, and if you feel that a person of the opposite sex you are no longer interested.Choosing a creative profession, keep in mind that the striking appearance - this is one of the characteristics of a cohort of artists, journalists and musicians.Naturally, this does not mean you have to turn into a clown, but with the help of the unusual dress, you can show your originality and creativity.

Start a new life can be with the selection of a new wardrobe.Work on your image and make you feel more confident.It does not matter that you do not have a bright appearance - clothes can make you slimmer, more attractive and interesting, and your life will turn into a real fairy tale.