Get rid of stereotypes

thinking based on stereotypes, it is not conducive to the growth of insight.To see more than the surrounding, do not make hasty conclusions.Sometimes the most obvious answer is not correct.Take for granted only bare facts, not thinking the for others.

standard line of thought leads to the expected results.It is important to change the habit of thinking patterns, to open their abilities.Practice this.Do not judge others severely, do not try to make a hasty conclusion regarding the situation.If hypothetically possible to assume an alternate version of the development of the circumstances, it is not necessary to discard it in favor of the most likely on your mind.

Be careful

to become more astute person, it is necessary to have a maximum of facts.Be observant, take into account even the smallest details.Perhaps in the future they will help you find the cause and effect relationships or predict the outcome of future events.

draws attention to the significance of minor things, not just the main ones.This and are more attentive people.For example, talking to a person, take note not only what he says but how he says it, how much expression of your interlocutor corresponds to the meaning of its phrases.


Enrich your experience to help works of world classical literature.Prefer realistic novels, in which there are psychological portraits of the characters.

With good books you get rid of excessive naivety.In addition, your experience will not be limited only by your reality, because you will live many stories that will be part of your consciousness.

Train your brain.Perform a variety of exercises to develop memory, responsiveness and ability to think logically.These abilities will help you better understand what is happening around and draw the right conclusions.

Learn to think systematically.All facts should be folded, like a puzzle, into a single image.So you can recreate the missing pieces and to understand what it is necessary to pay attention.Studied psychology.Understanding how people's minds work, will help you to understand the motives of their actions and to predict the response to a particular event.

meet more people.At the same time, try to talk less and listen more.This will allow you to focus on what is around you, and be more receptive to what is happening.These qualities distinguish sophisticates.