Love knocking on the door as the wishes

saying that in your life there is no love, chances are you're wrong.It is likely that you have not met the right one, which would like to share their fate.And this time the meeting can come anytime.So certainly worth living.And to wait was not boring or painful, it is useful to occupy yourself some interesting work.A fascinating life quite a lot.This may be a collection of values, extreme sports, looking for new opportunities in career, Reading, learning the secret corners of the human soul, etc.That you tune into a positive way.

Are you not like

in your environment may be a person whose love to you, you just do not know.Take a look and make sure that it is not, before deciding to say goodbye to the world of the living.Moreover, that human life always ends in death, as if not much like to avoid it.If you believe the concepts of Buddhism, the human soul is not one undergoes transformation.And attribute this to the fact that he has to realize his worst side, and take a step toward the harmony of the spiritual and the physical world, good and evil.And if you voluntarily terminate his life without fulfilling its mission, not realizing their mistakes, the reincarnation is an endless process.And would you like to be born, and every time in life to ask the same question?In addition, all of a sudden you're in the next life will turn into a butterfly?And Buddhism is quite possible.It is better to once and for all to resolve this situation and to live a dignified human life.

Those who are dear to you

Love is raznolikogo.One of its manifestations - is a close blood ties.It is important to keep in mind for their parents, for whom you have always loved child.They gave you a part of their soul, you have brought up.The most difficult point in their life will be the death of her child.This is a rather strong argument in favor of life.It should not be discounted.

Besides parents, there are grandparents, sёstra, brothers and even children.And they are also upset your hasty decision.

Surely you have and friends.You may want to talk to them from the heart, and then there will be some ray of light in a given situation.Friends of the fact is to support and possibly send the right direction at the moment of soul-searching and agonizing.

a word, you just have to wait, when love knocks on your door.The main thing - do not miss this moment.But even in this case, the choice has to be made only for life.And it is - beautiful!