Direct the energy in a different direction.At the time of great excitement people do not normally find a place - walk, pulls something, etc.Try to shift the focus - arrange general cleaning, work out at the gym, play a game of ball.Physical fatigue and emotion supersede the excitement, and you feel better.
Do breathing exercises.The first symptoms of anxiety - is shallow and rapid breathing, heart palpitations.Focus on your breathing and start to do deep and slow breaths.After a few minutes you will feel the excitement dies down.
Try to lose in mind the worst case scenario and let your imagination run wild.For example, you are experiencing due to the interview.Imagine that you will not like the employer, you will not get to work, you turn away from friends and family, you will be nothing to live on, and you will become homeless.What is the likelihood of such a development?The absurd and incredible stories you come up with, the easier it is to calm down.And when will stop worrying, consider options for their actions in the case interview will be really unfortunate.
Eliminate the causes excitement.For example, you are worried because of the upcoming public speaking.Because of what it is you are going through: afraid to look stupid, you can refuse equipment, unsure of their competence?Consider your fears and eliminate their causes: check the operation of the equipment and the necessary equipment, talk about their image with the stylist, to thoroughly examine the need for speech material and be prepared for any tricky questions.
Try to relate more easily to failure - downs are necessary for personal and professional growth.They need to receive, analyze and continue to improve.