Analyze the problems that often happen to you in life.For example, if you occasionally not enough money to pay, think about why this is happening.Maybe you spend too many of them at the beginning of the month, and if you do not act in a manner with their income would be enough for all the time.Such errors can not really do, you only need to learn it.
Control your words and deeds.The error may be committed not only by their actions.You can offend a careless word of a loved one, to quarrel with him, and it is also quite nasty bug that leads to difficulties in dealing with a loved one.Scroll thoughts such stories of your life and try to understand why you did not keep your emotions, they allowed them to spill out.This thorough analysis will help you to avoid a similar situation in the future.
Think about why you are so afraid of making a mistake.Perhaps this fear comes from childhood when you were afraid to do something wrong to not get reprimanded by parents.Often errors lead to guilt, but if you look, then you are an adult, and it is best to assess your offense can your own conscience, here and try to agree with her.
change their attitude to mistakes.Think, for any of them leads to the experience.Once you've determined what kind of trouble happens with you more often, try to translate them in a positive manner.For example, if you often do not agree with the views of others, even if it is true, tell me: "Yes, I'm stubborn, but I'm very steady, and I was hard to confuse."
Stop afraid to stumble.Perhaps a small bump in this will save you from big problems in the future.It is possible that if you will take another error, you actually become smaller to make them.After all, people are often attracted to their fears.Get rid of them, and your life will change for the better.