for positive resolution of a difficult situation, you need to "feel" it.If you find it difficult to gather his thoughts, relax, draw the problem to vote all of its complexity.Identify ways to resolve.It is important that you understand who or what fight.
superfluous emotions only provoke unwanted processes.Keep calm.Remember that cool head, warm heart and not help you deal with the problem.Treat it with proper understanding and sanity.
Do not run away from difficulties, and fight with them.If you think that they will be resolved by themselves, you're wrong.And because of his inactivity you will only create more confusion.Try to understand what you expect and what you can really count in the end.
Be resolute.Do not shift their problems on others.This is not a way out of the situation and could lead to undesirable results: to exacerbate the process or trial and misunderstanding by others
not owed to that would be if you would do so, and not otherwise.Do not look for those responsible for their problems.Do not complain to life and perpetual bad luck.Remember, everything is in your hands.Be confident.Getting into a difficult situation, you will probably think that it is more difficult and global no.This is not so.Sometimes other people's troubles could serve as a great incentive to overcome their own.
Act purposefully.Do not fritter away an unnecessary fight.Assess your strength and proportion to them to resolve the conflict.If you understand that the weak, do not be afraid to ask for help.
to resolve the situation and draw conclusions.Analyze the reasons why there is a problem that in the future not to repeat its past mistakes.But the analysis also should be able to.If you are around will only blame themselves, it can undermine your self-esteem.Treat your actions and opportunities objectively.