First carefully analyze its condition.Think about what kind of thoughts make you afraid to seem ridiculous.Perhaps you think you are not diversified enough, or boring person.You would think that a man in dealing with you and feels it is with some derision.Then fix the situation - read more interesting developmental information.Look at yourself and other problems that make you afraid, and eradicate them.
Develop your communication skills.And it is not necessary to go out and look for a companion there.To this should be fine variety of Internet services such as chat rooms, dating sites, social networks.There you not only will improve your communication skills, but also interesting to spend time, have forged new friendships.
main reason for this is the fear and low self-esteem.Raise it, believe in yourself.For example, start a business and then follow it well.Only need to choose what you understand.In no case do not give up, if you do not get the first time.Do not give up, and make another attempt.It is not mistaken only one who does nothing.
Another good weapon against fear is provoking him.That is, create yourself a situation in which feel uneasy.Go to any public place, in a café or a supermarket there and try to overcome their fear of looking ridiculous.Behave confidently, do not be afraid to communicate with people.Psychologists say that in such stressful situations well to deal with similar phobias.
In no case do not criticize yourself and especially not consider funny.Your inner state will certainly be reflected in your appearance.Surrounding feel your insecurities.Fight with his shyness, in conversations always have their point of view, even if not sure of its correctness.All are fallible.
In the end, you can visit a psychologist to help you understand yourself, to find the problems that trigger your fears, and help to eradicate them.