spirituality, psychology and philosophy, which is not often agree with each other, came to a consensus that the life cycle of a person who is on average 70 years old, can be divided into two main stages, and each of these stages - onfive cycles, each of which lasts for 7 years.The first stage - is between the ages of 0 and 35 years old, he is considered a rising according to the physical condition of the person.This is the stage of youth, which is gradually revealed the physical and mental abilities of the person, his life potential.

During this period, the human consciousness is directed outward, and the tasks that it has set itself, are associated primarily with its social functions.The main objectives for this period of human consciousness development are: education, family, finding a good job, build a career, acquiring social status and ensuring the material well-being.To achieve these goals requires a lot of effort, so in this period of human consciousness rather superficially, it is devoid of deep and strong internal rethinking.At the age of 35 people, mostly accumulates knowledge, acquires experience, but yet taking them for granted, has not yet been systematizing them and avoiding in-depth analysis.

After 35 years and up to 70 years, if we take as a criterion the physical state, begins a downward phase.But for those people who are able to develop their ability to think, this time, self-awareness, identifying the real values ​​in life and their attitude to what is happening around.Externally, the person becomes not so energetic, youthful fervor and excitement in him getting smaller, but the thinking man is not old age, as the arrival of wisdom.Life gives the person a chance to send their forces to internal development and rethinking.It's time to rediscover the world, looking at it with new eyes, to see what had not noticed or did not understand.

The second stage involves, as a rule, the so-called "midlife crisis."For many, this crisis becomes an opportunity to draw some conclusions and understand the true value of many material and spiritual things.This crisis gives impetus to the revival of domestic and rethinking.In this period there is a great inner workings of the human mind that seeks to define its place in the world and to reconsider its attitude towards him, to uncover their inner potentials.This is the period when a person can receive a real pleasure, aware of its rebirth and being able to appreciate the intangible that is really important.